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Sloid or wood and metal work

In the Nordic Countries sloid is a subject in the primary school. In Denmark it appears both as an obligatory subject as well as an optional subject. All pupils must have the subject on the ground level, and after that they can, in most of the schools in Denmark, choose it if they want to go on with it. The pupils can choose to take a final test in the subject.

In sloid the pupils work with all sorts of materials but mainly wood and metal. The pupils make products and through that they learn design, ethnological and cultural techniques, as well as the characteristics of the materials. The things the pupils make can be toys, furniture and other articles for everyday use, or nonfigurative sculptures.

Through sloid the pupils get understanding for nature, history and foreign cultures.

The purpose of sloid

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Examples of things made in sloid kommer senere

You can be trained as a sloid teacher in most colleges of education and in the two sloid colleges “Sløjdhøjskolen” in Esbjerg and “Dansk Sløjdlærerskole” in Copenhagen. I dag er det så kun i København

Dansk Sløjdlærerskole - The Danish Teacher Training Centre for Sloyd, Craft and Technology